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“Dniprocosmos” (DC) is the successor and continues to perform tasks of the State Enterprise Dniprocosmos, which was founded by the National Space Agency of Ukraine and the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration on April 10, 1998.

Dniprocosmos specializes in the field of development of information technologies of space observation systems.

Specialists of “Dniprocosmos” took direct participation in the development and operation of the Mission Control Center (MCC) of Earth remote sensing national satellites and created software for the ground-based information structure of USSR space systems.

In 1995, with their participation, the first Ukrainian MCC for satellite “Sich-1” was created. This MCC operated the satellite for more than six years.

Software complexes of control and payload work planning for “Egyptsat-1” and “Sich-2” satellites were developed by Dniprocosmos and have successfully passed the tests in the MCC of these satellites.

Main directions of activity of “Dniprocosmos”:

  • development of spacecraft control programs and satellite payload planning programs;
  • development of software and hardware complexes for the processing and archiving of aerospace images;
  • scientific researches and development of geoinformation automated systems using Earth aerospace observation data;
  • development of methods and technologies of automated processing of remote sensing information for solving thematic tasks;
  • development of state standards for the receipt and use of Earth remote sensing data.

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