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Concept of conducting international cooperation of NSFCTC

Taking into account the European course of foreign policy of Ukraine, set out in the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union and the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 17.09.2014, No. 847, guided by the announce of the Prime Minister of Ukraine made during the session of the EU-Ukraine Council on December 15.12.2014 in Brussels and with the purpose of promoting the space industry of Ukraine to the European market of space services and technologies, the State Space Agency of Ukraine (SSA Ukraine) is carrying out measures to gradual membership of Ukraine in the European Space Agency (ESA) by concluding an Agreement on granting Ukraine the status of a European state cooperating with ESA.

Taking into account the above mentioned, it is proposed to develop cooperation with foreign partners in the following areas:

In the field of Earth remote sensing

  1. Involvement of the Earth segment of space systems of Ukraine within the framework of space programs of EU Earth remote sensing (Copernicus, Proba-V, MetOp).
  2. Improvement of operational and archival data exchange of Earth remote sensing with European partners including the Copernicus program and others.
  3. Organization of cooperation in the development and validation of Earth remote sensing data processing techniques with European and Ukrainian remote sensing spacecraft.
  4. Involvement of Ukrainian remote sensing spacecraft to European programs.

In the field of satellite navigation

  1. Ensuring the possibility of monitoring the EGNOS system functioning by Positioning & Timing and Navigation System of Ukraine on the territory of Ukraine since the operation of the EGNOS system will be extended to Ukraine (within the framework of Article 11 of the Cooperation Agreement on the Civil Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) between Ukraine and the European Community, its member States).
  2. Use of the state-regulated PRS service of the GALILEO system.
  3. Cooperation on the hosting of RIMS stations of the EGNOS system on the territory of the NSFCTS branches.


In the field of special control and geophysical monitoring

  1. Exchange of data information between the European seismic monitoring system and the National Data Center of the NSFCTS.
  2. Involvement of NSFCTS’ special control and geophysical monitoring means to the Copernicus program for control of information received from satellites in order to respond to emergencies, namely geophysical and technogenic accidents.
  3. Exchange of information on the radionuclide composition of atmospheric aerosols in the framework of European atmospheric monitoring programs.

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