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National Seismic Monitoring System (NSMS) and improving of the safety of population living in seismically hazardous regions (hereinafter referred to as the “System”) was created by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated September 11, 1995 No. 728 “On the establishment of a National Seismic Monitoring System and improving of the safety of population living in seismically hazardous regions” in order to increase the safety of living population and exploitation of productive assets in seismically hazardous regions of the country, monitoring compliance with the requirements of the international treaties of Ukraine on the limitation and prohibition of nuclear weapons testing, studying the seismic and geo-geo-deformation state of the territory of Ukraine and nearby countries, and coordinating the activities of the executive authorities in ensuring the protection of the population, objects and territories from the impact of earthquakes.

The functioning of the System is based on the work of ministries, other central executive authorities, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and their cooperation on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of seismic and geophysical data of monitoring services and security networks, which will enable operational control of the seismic state and other geophysical phenomena and provide executive authorities and organizations interested in information about possible earthquakes and other abnormal geophysical phenomena with an assessment of their consequences.

Operation of the System is aimed at solving the following tasks:
  • Preparation of earthquake forecasts based on seismic monitoring and analysis of their results;

  • Information provision of works related to seismic zoning of the territory of Ukraine, estimation of potential seismic hazard, seismic building, as well as fundamental and applied research, aimed at solving problems of forecasting earthquakes;

  • Development of maps of seismic zoning of the territory of Ukraine, normative acts on the protection of population, objects and territories of Ukraine from the impact of earthquakes, functioning and development of the System;

  • Operational provision of central and local executive authorities, the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, whose territories are located in seismically hazardous areas;

  • Information on earthquakes and their possible consequences;

  • Operative determination of the location, time and parameters of earthquakes, other geophysical phenomena and nuclear explosions at foreign testing sites;

  • Organization of the central bank of geophysical data of the System and provision of interregional and international exchange of geophysical information.

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