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Volodymyr Prysiazhnyi

  Opening speech

Yaroslav Yatskiv

  Welcoming address

Francisco Colomer

  The European VLBI Network (EVN/JIVE)

Federica Govoni

  Status of the radio astronomical facilities in Italy

Massimo Capaccioli

  On the Dark Universe

Elena Bannikova

  ALMA investigation of AGNs: recent results and perspectives

Oleg Ulyanov

  The New Ukrainian Radiotelescope RT-32. First Results

Alessandro Navarrini

  The Sardinia Radio Telescope: current status and future developments

Alexander Konovalenko

  New frontiers for low frequency radio astronomy in Ukraine and in the World

Vladislavs Bezrukovs

  Recent technical developments for radioastronomical observations in VIRAC

Mikhailo Ryabov

  Perspectives of monitoring research on radio telescopes from millimeter to decameter wavelengths to solve fundamental and applied problems

Yevhenii Aliekseiev

  Local oscillator for radio telescope with very fine frequency tuning

Viacheslav Zakharenko

  Broadband facility for radio astronomy observations. Key feature of Zolochiv’s radiotelescopes

Mykhailo Natarov

  Dual-Band Circular Polarized Signals Divider for Radiotelescope RT-32

Volodymyr Chmil

  Technical solutions for RT-32 radiotelescope manufacture based on МАRK-4B antenna system

Anatolii Poikhalo

  Current state and modernization perspectives of RT-32 radio telescope

Mykhailo Palamar

  The antenna control system design aspects of MARK-4B of the radio telescope RT-32

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