The use of space information in the system of geographic information support for management decisions on national security and defense of Ukraine

In the article of the First Vice President of the NAS of Ukraine, Academician of the NAS of Ukraine Vladimir Gorbulin and Doctor of Military Sciences, professor Sergei Mosov в журналі “Оборонний вісник” №8, 2021 p. the problem of development of the national infrastructure of geospatial data in the absence of own satellites in Ukraine is actualized. We've looked at two ways to solve this problem: receiving data from foreign spacecraft and launching its own satellite for remote sensing of the Earth. Автори підкреслюють, that “the combination of geoinformation technologies with data from foreign remote sensing spacecraft allowed NCUVKZ to create a space component of the system of geoinformation support for management decisions using space information to ensure national security and defense of our country.

Державне космічне агентство України і Національний центр управління та випробувань космічних засобів на теперішньому етапі системно отримують видову інформацію високої просторової розрізненності від іноземних КА ДЗЗ по всій території України у цілодобовому режимі.

From the beginning 2020 NTSUVKZ through the Regional Mirror Website of the program "Copernicus" gained access to remote sensing data from European satellites Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2 і Sentinel-3, and also has the ability to obtain remote sensing data from the spacecraft of Planet Labs, which has an orbit near 170 remote sensing satellites (with spatial resolution – 3,1 m and 0,5 m). in addition, in NCUVKZ the possibility of obtaining remote sensing data is provided, medium and high spatial resolution from foreign spacecraft NOAA series, TERRA, Finland NPP, EROS-B, SuperView-1 and Aqua, resulting in the prompt provision of remote sensing data to state consumers and the results of thematic and analytical processing of satellite images.

In the process of further development of the terrestrial infrastructure of the remote sensing system in Ukraine in the period 2014-2020 years there was a creation of new and improvement of existing ones 2014 рік складових наземної інфраструктури НЦУВКЗ і технічних засобів обробки космічної інформації, which allowed to obtain geospatial data from foreign remote sensing spacecraft in the interests of geoinformation support for the development and adoption of management decisions on national security and defense of Ukraine, as well as take practical steps towards integration into international projects and Earth observation systems from space ".