The NTSUVKZ team took part in the XVI Spartakiad of young workers of the space industry of Ukraine

WITH 31 May on 5 June in the boarding house "Falcon" SE "CB" Southern "on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov was the XVI Spartakiad of young workers in the space industry of Ukraine.

The Games were organized by the Council of Young Workers of the Space Industry of Ukraine, The Council of Young Specialists of SE "CB" Southern ", State Space Agency of Ukraine, SE "CB" Southern ", trade union "Kosmomash" and the trade union of SE "CB" Southern "to promote a healthy lifestyle, strengthening team spirit and improving ties between young employees of Ukrainian space companies.

This year they took part in the competition 7 teams with 9 enterprises and organizations:

– SE "CB" Southern " (m. Dnipro);

– The combined team of SE "VO PMZ" and the Dnieper representative office of the general customer – DKA (m. Dnipro);

– State Space Agency of Ukraine (m. Kiev);

– National Space Management and Testing Center (m. Kyiv and the city of. Khmelnytskyi);

– SSE "Association of Communards" (m. Kharkiv);

– The team of KP SPB "Arsenal" was identified (m. Kiev) and SPE "Hartron-Arcos" (m. Kharkiv);

– DPI (m. Dnipro).

Participants competed in such game disciplines: mini football, basketball, volleyball, table and tennis and chess.

In the team event, the teams took the following places:

1 place – SE "CB" Southern ";

2 place – combined team of VO PMZ and DPGZ-DKA;

3 place – SSE "Association of Communards".

According to CB "Southern"