Graduates of the Zhytomyr Military Institute named after SP Korolyov start working in NCUVKZ

This year the National Center for Space Management and Testing arrived 20 graduates of the Zhytomyr Military Institute, of them 5 members of the fair sex. Almost all of them will go to the NCUVKZ units for further service, namely: in TsPOSI (from. Forests of Khmelnytsky region ), in GCC (m. Town), ZCRS (m. Mukachevo), in RCSC (from. Swallows, Kamyanets-Podilsky district of Khmelnytsky region) and in Kyiv.

And today, 30 August, on the basis of Health and Prevention and Rehabilitation Center "Dream", branches of NCUVKZ, for the first time there is a meeting of graduates of higher military educational institutions. For five days to the junior officers - lieutenants, graduates of the Zhytomyr Military Institute named after SP Korolyov, will give lectures and conduct practical classes, will also get acquainted with the areas of work of branches, regional units and in general, National Space Management and Testing Center. They will get acquainted with the work of operational-information and information-analytical centers. This will contribute to a clear understanding by young professionals of the tasks assigned to the staff and the tasks of the NCUVKZ., in general, and will help them in further work.

The meeting will end with a tour of Kiev, which will be held for new employees of NCUVKZ, member of the council of young workers in the space industry, senior lieutenant Stanislav Shapoval.