Tests of the ground segment took place in TsPOSI and KNP in preparation for the management of the spacecraft "Sich 2-30"

WITH 7 by 9 December 2021 year in TsPOSI and KNP (m. Dunaivtsi) Interdepartmental tests of the ground segment for management and further operation of the Sich 2-30 spacecraft continued, as well as preparation for flight tests. Tests of the ground control complex and the ground information complex were carried out. The interaction of the flight control center with the control stations SKTRLM-1 and UNSU was worked out. Tests of the ground information complex are carried out, in particular the reception of information by receiving stations: PS 8-2, UNSU, CPD-2.

In the framework of interdepartmental tests, abnormal situations were simulated in order to train calculations, who will take part in the management of the spacecraft and be involved in receiving information from ground stations, as well as for calculations, which will carry out further processing of information.

In trials, which took place in accordance with the order of the State Space Agency, NTSUVKZ specialists took part: CPOSI and KNP, Dniprocosmos, Operation center, Operational Information Center, as well as representatives of the State Space Agency of Ukraine, specialists of Pivdenne Design Bureau, Konex Enterprise and CJSC Research Institute of Radio Measurements.

In general, according to the program, interdepartmental tests were conducted in full and showed, that the ground segment is ready for flight tests, which are scheduled for early January 2022 year.