The operational meeting and special training of the NCUVKZ have ended

20-24 September in the village of Novosilky, Vyshhorod district, on the territory of the Health and Rehabilitation Center "Dream", an operational and special meeting of the management of the NCUVKZ and branch managers took place. Theoretical and practical classes were devoted to topical issues of geopolitics, national security, organization of planning and management of domestic spacecraft.

In spectrunations, which took place in preparation for the launch of the spacecraft "January 2-30", regular calculations of the ground control complex and the ground information complex were involved. The issues of coherence and interaction of the next calculations were worked out, actions of the space system operator "Sich 2-30" during complex and interdepartmental tests of spacecraft launch, flight design tests "Sich 2-30" and regular flight operation. The information exchange between the Flight Control Center was also worked out (CUP) KA, control station SKTRL-M1, station PS-8.2

Civilian and military officers of the NCUVKZ were involved in special trainings, including this year's graduates of the Zhytomyr Military Institute named after SP Korolev. Such trainings took place for the first time in recent years 10 years.

The operative-special meeting of the NCUVKZ management staff and special training were successful – all tasks were performed.