An earthquake was registered in Ternopil region

23 September 2021 year Fr. 06:17:57 by means of the Main center of special control of NCUVKZ the appreciable earthquake in the territory of Ukraine with parameters is registered:


Time at source (Kyiv)

Source coordinates


(on the Richter scale)

Source location





48,93 monday.

25,88 sh.d..


Ternopil region

The source of the earthquake is located in the Ternopil region near the city. Chortkiv, at depth 6 km. According to the classification of the earthquake is moderate, felt by people indoors. Items, hanging, fluctuate greatly. The pictures move. Sensible oscillations are similar to oscillations, formed by the fall of heavy objects inside the building.

Earthquakes were registered from the territory of Ternopil region 23 April 2020 year and 28 May 2019 year with magnitudes 2,0.

To clarify the consequences of the earthquake on the website of the GSCK there is a form “I felt an earthquake”, request all involved to fill: