Top secret military facility: a secret radar is hidden in the forests of Transcarpathia

Hundreds of hectares of Transcarpathian forest, near Mukachevo, hidden military facility - radar station "Dnipro". It was built in Soviet times and its main task was - to detect and prevent missile strikes. Locals and, even, relatives of those, who carried combat duty on the radar, for years they had no idea, what it is and where people go to work. And for the most curious even invented a special legend, what, as if, there is the usual Air Force Ramba.

"To confuse even more, we had inflatable planes - rubber - MiG29. They inflated and the task was to periodically pull them from one end of the antenna to the other. ", – says the head of the Western Center for Radio Monitoring Mykola Zhurakivsky.

Why NATO satellite intelligence named Dnipro radar station "Kurnik"? What does the once crucial radar base now specialize in?? And why it is still a semi-classified military facility? Details - in the project "Spetskor":