Registration of frequency-orbital resource of Ukrainian satellite "Sich-2-30" confirmed

The orbital frequency resource for the Sich-2-30 satellite is included in the ITU International Reference Frequency Register in all planned orbits.

International Telecommunication Union (MSE) confirmed the registration of the frequency and orbital resource of the new Ukrainian space satellite "Sich-2-30".

This was reported on site Ukrainian State Center of Radio Frequencies.

The third space satellite for the period of Independence and the first for the last ten years "Sich-2-30" is planned to be launched in December. In order to ensure the proper functioning of the spacecraft, Ukraine has submitted an application for the inclusion of the frequency-orbital resource for the operation of "Sich-2-30" in the International Reference Register of ITU frequencies in planned orbits..

ITU technical experts check Ukraine's application for compliance with electromagnetic compatibility requirements with terrestrial radiocommunication services. A positive decision was published 19 October 2021 year in the International Information Circular of Frequencies №2957.

All work on the registration of the frequency and orbital resource for the satellite "Sich-2-30" was carried out by the State Enterprise "Ukrainian State Center of Radio Frequencies" at the request of the National Center for Control and Testing of Spacecraft.

"Completion of the process of registration of the frequency and orbital resource for the satellite" Sich-2-30 "is an important step for the launch of the Ukrainian spacecraft remote sensing of the Earth. - explains Volodymyr Korsak, Director of the Scientific and Methodological Department of the State Enterprise "Ukrainian State Center of Radio Frequencies". — This will allow Ukraine, as a member of the ITU, to exercise adequate international legal protection of its frequency assignments from possible harmful radio interference.. UCRF is ready to fulfill its responsibilities within the framework of an important state project ".

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The general management of the works was carried out by the National Commission, which carries out state regulation in the field of communications and informatization, State Special Communications Administration and State Space Agency of Ukraine. The measures were carried out in accordance with the "Regulations on the procedure for interaction of public authorities in the implementation of international legal protection of radio frequency resources of Ukraine", approved by the order of the Administration of SSSZZI from 25.06.2013 year №338 / 435.

MSE, International Telecommunication Union (English. International Telecommunication Union, THAT) distributes the radio frequency spectrum and satellite orbits on a global scale, develops technical standards, providing the ability to effectively connect networks and technologies, and seeks to improve access to ICTs for communities around the world, which are insufficiently serviced.