Ukrainian satellite “Jan-2-30” in orbit

13 January 2022 year, about 17:26 Kyiv time, Falcon launch vehicle 9 launched with the Ukrainian satellite for remote sensing of the Earth "Jan. 2 30»On board. The launch took place from the SLC-40 launch complex at Cape Canaveral (USA).

Across 1 year 23 minutes after the start, the spacecraft separated from the second stage of PH.

By means of the National Center for Space Management and Testing, located near m. Dunaivtsi, Two communication sessions with the Sich-2-30 spacecraft were successfully conducted. There is a stable connection with the device, all on-board satellite systems operate normally.

The Sich-2-30 spacecraft was developed and manufactured by the Pivdenne Design Bureau.. SE. Yangel ”together with Ukrainian enterprises HARTRON-ARCOS LTD (m. Kharkiv), TOV "NVP "KHARTRON-UCOM" (m. Zaporizhzhia), DP «ZAO NDÍRV» (m. Kharkiv), KB Arsenal (m. Kyiv), DNDP "CONNEX" (m. Lviv), LC ÍKD (m. Lviv), DP IN "Kiev" (m. Kyiv).

The satellite is designed to obtain digital images of the Earth's surface in the visible and near-infrared ranges of electromagnetic wavelengths with a resolution 7 m (per pixel) when capturing the strip in 36,5 km, monitoring the basic parameters of neutral and charged particles of the Earth's ionosphere, measuring the dose of accumulated radiation of cosmic radiation.