In August 2021 The National Space Management and Testing Center signed an agreement with the foreign space company Dragonfly Aerospace (Dragonfly Ukraine Regional Office) on the provision of services for receiving information from remote sensing of the Earth (DZZ).

Dragonfly Aerospace, based in Stellenbosch (STEAM), is engaged in research and experimental development in the field of natural and technical sciences and has more than 20 years of experience in creating satellites and cameras for remote sensing.

У рамках виконання контракту НЦУВКЗ у режимі цілодобового чергування провів понад 30-ть сеансів прийому інформації із супутника компанії Dragonfly Aerospace на наземну станцію прийому даних ДЗЗ у м. Харкові. The station successfully works with ultra-large data streams from spacecraft, що знаходяться на кругових орбітах від 400 to 1000 km.

Today remote sensing is an extremely promising area, because it is used in almost every sphere of society, starting with national security and ending with niches in the agricultural sector. Сподіваємось, this agreement will be the beginning of further cooperation in the field of remote sensing, after all, modern technologies open up unique opportunities for the development of environmental research.