A Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the State Tax Administration and the Chernihiv Regional State Administration

27 May 2021 A Memorandum of Understanding between the State Space Agency of Ukraine and the Chernihiv Regional State Administration on Cooperation in the Field of Space and Scientific and Technical Activities was signed at the National Space Management and Testing Center in 2006..

“The launch of such cooperation is important for the space agency and the regions, as this step will allow to ensure the introduction of innovative satellite monitoring tools and sustainable development of Ukraine's economy”, – noted Vladimir Taftay.

The signing of the Memorandum creates a legal basis for concluding bilateral agreements and reaching additional agreements on cooperation and joint activities in the field of remote sensing of land to identify illegal activities..

Also, today's event paves the way for the implementation of promising projects using space data and technology for landfill monitoring, agricultural land, forest monitoring, etc..

This creates opportunities for joint participation in national and international research programs and experiments, research in the field of national security, receiving information from remote ground sensing, its preliminary and thematic treatment, preservation in the interests of the innovative mechanism of management of the territories of the region and exchange of research results and practical experience, information, participation in the preparation and holding of scientific and practical conferences.