CPOSI and KNP created 16 April 1974 year, is currently a research and testing institution, branch of the National cspace control and testing center State ToOsmosis Agency of Ukraine.

TsPOSI and KNP,озташaboutvanii in 15 km west of m. Dunaivtsi on the Podil Upland in the Khmelnytsky region.

The history of TsPOSI and KNP begins with the adoption of the Resolution of the Government of the USSR № 239-88 from 5.04.1972 "On the creation of a unified satellite communication system in the USSR". To this end, the deployment of a number of ground-based measuring points began in the USSR, which were equipped with command and measurement systems, computer technology, means of communication and transmission of information. IN 1974 year one of these research and measurement points (under the number 19) was deployed in Ukraine in the Dunayevetsky district of Khmelnytsky region, as a separate military unit, and received the conditional name of the 19th SPE as part of the unit 32103.

In April 1992 p. 19-and SPE came under the jurisdiction of Ukraine, a u 1997 received its current name and became part of the National Center for Space Management and Testing (НЦУВКЗ) National Space Agency of Ukraine.

The team not only saved, but also develops and multiplies effective scientific and technical potential, which was inherited from the military and space forces of the USSR. At this time in the total area 93 hectares are located 23 stations and technical complexes, 97 houses and buildings occupy an area of 47 ga.

During the existence of the point, tens of thousands of spacecraft control sessions and support sessions were conducted.

The main tasks of the Center for receiving and processing special information and control of the navigation field (CPOSI and KNP)

  1. The use of spacecraft, organization and duty.
  2. Organization of remote sensing information reception from foreign spacecraft (according to the plan of NCUVKZ).
  3. Training of personnel and technical means for launching and operating national spacecraft.
  4. Participate in the deployment of the terrestrial satellite management segment of the national communications and broadcasting system.
  5. Participation in the development and modernization of terrestrial software and hardware systems, information technology, creating a basis for the implementation of promising space projects.
  6. Ensuring the efficiency of terrestrial spacecraft.
  7. Ensuring further development of the Center:
    carrying out repairs (modernization) techniques;
    acceptance and commissioning of new equipment.
  8. Conducting research, inventive and innovative work.

CPOSI and KNP are the main source of remote sensing information and a testing ground for methods of processing this information in Ukraine. It is high-tech, the Center is equipped with the latest means, space stations and complexes which provide work with national and foreign spacecraft and systems.

Stations and complexes of the Center organize daily reception of remote sensing information, its preliminary and thematic processing, preservation (archiving), fulfillment of orders at the request of consumers.

As a subject of the state environmental monitoring system The center is a segment of thematic processing of remote sensing information and conducts research and development of remote sensing data processing methods to detect floods and inundations., prompt detection of thermal anomalies (fires), analysis and modeling of the consequences of these phenomena, their forecasting and warning. Ecological monitoring of the state of the environment is carried out, monitoring the condition of forests and vegetation development, meteorological observation. The Center has created an archive of space information of remote sensing of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine. This is tens of terabytes of data, available to consumers.

The issue of adjustment in Ukraine was worked out jointly with the State Tax Administration of Ukraine, on the basis of TsPOSI and KNP, receiving information from foreign ultra-high resolution spacecraft.

The issue of setting up the reception of information from 2 open low-resolution remote sensing satellites by means of CPOSI and KNP was worked out separately.: Aqua та NPP Finland. In the future - the signing of an agreement with the US Geological Survey on the organization in Ukraine, on the basis of TsPOSI and KNP, receiving information from Landsat-7 and Landsat-8 medium resolution satellites.

As a research institution, CPOSI and KNP develop and implement the latest technologies, improves technical means and management systems, studies the possibilities of application and implementation of space information in various spheres of human life.

The Center participates in the implementation of activities within the National Targeted Scientific and Technical Space Program of Ukraine.

TsPOSI and KNP are appointed as the operator and the operating organization of System of coordinate-time and navigation maintenance of Ukraine (SKNZU), which was created by order of the SCA of Ukraine within the National Targeted Scientific and Technical Space Program of Ukraine. SKNZU is designed to monitor the state of the radio navigation field, which is formed by GPS systems, GALLILEO, GLONASS and to provide users with additional differential corrective information, necessary to increase the accuracy and reliability of real-time location. CPOSI and KNP ensure the functioning of SKNZU as part of the Main and Reserve centers of control of the navigation field and the network of control and correction stations.