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UKRAINE IN SPACE | "With my own eyes"

Ukraine has joined the study of the Galaxy and is preparing to study Mars and the Moon. How not to stay on the outskirts of the global space industry in the XXI century? Ukrainian scientists are working on this. Not true, that in our country in thirty years the space industry is the remnants of the Soviet Union, No!. Because there are Ukrainian developments, there are Ukrainian specialists. And if […]

10 achievements of Ukrainian scientists in 2020 year: COVID-19 tests, nano antiseptic, radio telescope and garden protection

Radio Svoboda has compiled a list of 10 achievements of Ukrainian scientists 2020 year. The main achievement, Anton Senenko, a senior researcher at the Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, believes, is "announcement of the first competitions by the National Research Foundation", which will be the key to the progress of Ukrainian science. ​ 1. Developed PCR- and ELISA tests for the diagnosis of coronavirus Virologists and immunologists of one of the Kiev private laboratories have developed enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay […]

The space center in Zolochev began to explore the universe: Ukraine has launched the RT-32 radio telescope. Radio Liberty

Lviv region - Not far from the town of Zolochiv, put into operation the RT-32 radio telescope. For two years, starting in 2018, Ukrainian specialists upgraded the Soviet MARK-4B antenna, on the basis of which they created a radio telescope with a centimeter wavelength range RT-32. According to experts, it is one of the best radio telescopes in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. After all, after the annexation of Crimea in 2014 year Ukraine lost […]

UFO, nuclear missiles and space debris. What is being monitored by a classified radar base near Mukachevo. Ukrainian Pravda

There is an object near Mukachevo, which in the future may become no less popular, than Palanok Castle, where in 2019 year arrived 245 thousands of tourists. In the woods on 103 hectares was a former military unit with a call sign “Shipka”. 1056-and a separate early warning radio unit. According to these state words, barbed wire and thick leaves hid the secret base of […]